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White Pomelo Powder

English name: White Pomelo powder
Botanical name: Citrus maxima
Parts used: Fruit
Specification: Fruit Powder
Appearance: Fine white powder

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White Pomelo Powder

Product Introduction of White Pomelo Powder

The pomelo, shaddock, or in scientific terms Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis, is the largest citrus fruit from the family Rutaceae. It is a natural, i.e., non-hybrid, citrus fruit, similar in appearance to a large grapefruit, native to South and Southeast Asia. The pomelo is one of the original citrus species from which the rest of cultivated citrus have been hybridized. The popular fruit is used in many festive celebrations throughout Southeast Asia. There are two varieties: a sweet kind with white flesh, and a sour kind with pinkish flesh, the latter more likely to be used as an altar decoration than eaten. Pomelos often are eaten in Asia during the mid-autumn festival or mooncake festival. .

White Pomelo Powder

Product Specification of White Pomelo Powder

Analysis Items Specifications Test Methods
Identification Positive TLC
Appearance & Color Fine white powder Visual
Method of Extraction Hydro-alcoholic /
Extract Solvent Grain alcohol/Water /
Moisture Content NMT 5.0% 5g / 105℃ / 2hrs
Ash Content NMT 5.0% 2g / 525℃ / 3hrs
Heavy Metals NMT 10ppm Atomic Absorption
Arsenic (As) NMT 1ppm Atomic Absorption
Cadmium (Cd) NMT 1ppm Atomic Absorption
Mercury (Hg) NMT 0.1ppm Atomic Absorption
Lead (Pb) NMT 3ppm Atomic Absorption
Total Plate Count NMT 10,000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold NMT 1,000cfu/g
E. Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Staphylococcus Negative
Aflatoxins 0.2ppb

White Pomelo Powder

Product function and application of White Pomelo Powder

1. It can tranquilize, lower blood viscosity , reduce the emerge of the thrombus.

2. It can improve partial microcirculation of nourishment, prevent cardiovascular disease.

3. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

4. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

5. It can treat candidiasis, earache, throat infections, and diarrhea.

White Pomelo Powder


Organic / Kosher / COA / Allergen Free / GMO Free /Non Irradiation/Anti-Doping Product

/ Food certificate / Heavy metal statement Gluten Free  / Allergen Free / GMO Free  / Non Irradiation /

White Pomelo Powder

White Pomelo Powder


White Pomelo Powder

White Pomelo Powder

Shipping & Package of White Pomelo Powder

Shipping Way: DHL, UPS, FedEx ,TNT, EMS, HONGKONG post.

Transportation time: DHL, UPS,FedEx, TNT need about 3-7 working days for delivery.

EMS and HONGKONG post may slower than that , HONGKONGPOST to USA need 10-15 work days, to some country may need 1 month.

White Pomelo Powder

White Pomelo Powder


Q1: Will you supply samples for test the quality?
We’d like to offer our customers the free samples for the quality evaluation for most products, but the shipping cost is borne by customers.


Q2: What is the common package and size?

A:25KG/Drum(inside:plastic bag;outside:Drum)


Q3: What is your payment term?
A: The preferred is T/T. We can also accept L/C or other way according to the customer’s requirement.


Q4: Which shipping way is available and how to track?

By sea to your nearest port

By air to your nearest airport

By express (DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT,EMS)to your door

When your order shipping out , we will provide u a tracking no. then u can know clearly the status of the goods



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