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Mangosteen Powder

English name: Mangosteen Powder
Botanical name: Garcinia mangostana L
Used part:Fruit
Specification: Fruit Powder
Appearance:  Pink powder

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Product Introduction:

Mangosteen powder is 100% pure natural. No any preservatives and artificial flavors added.  The mangosteen fruit is native to Southeast Asia and Oceania and is known as the “Queen of Fruits ”. Mangosteen is a tropical fruit. The fruit, fruit juice, rind, twig, and bark are used as medicine.


Product Specification:

Mangosteen powder 



Test Methods


Appearance & Color

Odor & Taste

Mesh Size


Fine pink powder


NLT 90% through 80 mesh




80 Mesh Screen

Moisture Content

Ash Content

Heavy Metals

Arsenic (As)

Cadmium (Cd)

Mercury (Hg)

Lead (Pb)

Extract Solvent

NMT 5.0%

NMT 5.0%

NMT 10ppm

NMT 1ppm

NMT 1ppm

NMT 0.1ppm

NMT 3ppm


5g / 105℃ / 2hrs

2g / 525℃ / 3hrs

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption



Product function and application:

Mangosteen Powder which produced by Hunan MT Health Inc is NON-GMO, Gluten Free and could be used in food, dietary supplement and drink field.

1, It is used for stimulating the immune system and improving mental health.

2, It has the function of treating infection, relieving pain and reducing fevers.

3, It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals.


HACCP KOSHER GMPs FDA Halal Certificated

A certificate of origin is an important international trade document that certifies that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. Under certain circumstances, the importing country gives different tariff treatment to the imported goods.



Factory & Lab:


Shipping & Packaging of Mangosteen Powder:

Delivery time: Within 3-7days

Shipment Items:

1)Goods will be delivered by DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS, TNT, HKEMS methods 

2)Large order by sea or by air.



Q1: How does your company control the product quantity? 

A: With the professional Research & Development Engineer, we have strict production process. QC stuff is always focusing on the product quality.


Q2:What's your payment terms?

T/T,L/C, Paypal or Western Union.


Q3: What's your delivery time?

Usually we will arrange the shipment in 3 -7 days.

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    No. A6-608 Lugu International Industrial Park, Yuelu District, Changsha 410205, Hunan, P.R China

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