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Pearl Powder

English name: Pearl Powder

Part used: Pearl

Specification: Powder

Appearance: Fine white powder

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Pearl is formed in the pearl sacs of shellfish such as the pearl mussel, the pearly mussel, or the mussel, the triangular sail mussel, the frilled crown mussel, and the dorsal horned toothless mussel. Natural pearls, which can be harvested all year round, most often in December. The pearls are picked up from the sea, cut out and washed. Nucleated pearls can be harvested after more than a year of inoculation, but the quality of pearls harvested after two years of culture is better. The appropriate time for harvesting is late autumn, as the mussel secretes its pearl mass mainly from April to November. The functions of the pearl are: calming the mind, nourishing the yin and quenching the wind, clearing heat and dropping phlegm, removing cataracts and brightening the eyes, detoxifying the muscles. For palpitations, palpitations, epilepsy, convulsions of the wind, annoying fever and thirst, paralysis of the throat and mouth, eye opacities, sores that do not close for a long time.

Product Name

Pearl Powder

Appearance & Color

Fine white powder

Mesh Size

NLT 90% through 80 mesh

Moisture Content

NMT 5.0%

Ash Content

NMT 5.0%

Heavy Metals

NMT 10ppm

Arsenic (As)

NMT 1ppm

Cadmium (Cd)

NMT 1ppm

Mercury (Hg)

NMT 0.1ppm

Lead (Pb)

NMT 3ppm

Extract Solvent

Grain alcohol/Water

Pearl Powder has the following effects:

As we know, Pearl Powder can support healthy skin and a glowing complexion. The natural ingredients in Pearl Powder are known to promote the body's natural production of collagen and repair skin cells. Many people believe that Pearl Powder can make the skin look more radiant and may ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Pearl Powder may also strengthen bones, support the nervous system and contribute to healthier sleep cycles.


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