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Wormseed Extract

English name: Wormseed Extract
Botanical name: Chenopodium ambrosioides
Parts used: Herb
Specification: 10:1
Appearance: Brown yellow powder

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Product Introduction:

The whole herb of wormseed extract is used as medicine to treat ascariasis, hookworm disease, and pinworm disease, and for external use to treat skin eczema, and wormseed extract can kill maggots. The fruit contains volatile oil (nepeta oil), and the oil contains ascarisin which is an effective ingredient for repelling insects.

Product function and application of Wormseed Extract:

1). Affection by exopathogenic wind-cold shown as wormseed extract

aversion to cold,fever,headache and anhidrosis.It is often used with ledebouriella root and notopterygium root,sa in anti-phlogistic powder of Schizonepetae and ledebouriella ;


2) .Exterior syndrome due to pathogenic wind-heat with symptoms and signs of fever,headache,bloodshot eyes and sore throat,often in combination with honeysuckle flower,forsythia fruit,peppermint,platycodon root and other herbs,as in powder of lonicera and forsythia ;


3). For German measles,pruritus and measles without adequate eruption.wormseed extract is often used with peppermint,cicada slough,arctium fruit,etc.For various suppurative infection on the body surface at their initial stages accompanied with exterior syndrome.It is often used together with ledebouriella root,honeysuckle flower,forsythia fruit and other herbs.

cwormseed extract

Certificates: Organic/ISO/HACCP/KOSHER/GMPs/FDA


Package & Shipping of Wormseed Extract:

1.Packing: 25kg/drum, inner by double plastic bag. 

2.By sea to your nearest port
By express (DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT,EMS)to your door



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