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Oat Milk Powder

English name: Oat Milk Powder

Botanical name: Avena Fatua L.

Parts used: Oat Milk

Appearance: White Fine Powder

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The introduction of Oat Milk Powder:

Oat Milk Powder is distinguished by a unique taste thanks to a specially heat-treated Non GMO Oatmeal & Non Refined Coconut Fat. Enriched with calcium and phosphorus, which are minerals that have a positive effect on our body. Use in replacement of traditional instant milk in tea or coffee!

Oat Milk Powder Uses:
▪︎Beverages – Add the instant oat Milk powder into your tea or coffee (just like other well known instant coffee creamer brands- minus the dairy plus the plants!)
▪︎Porridge – Our Oat Milk Powder can be a basic ingredient to prepare your favourite breakfast porridge
▪︎Cooking – Use our oat drink in the kitchen, for sauces and milk alternatives.
Oat Drink Powder adds texture and taste, its also a way to naturally sweeten your deserts!
▪︎Milk Alternative- Use this plant-based drink instead of cows milk. Mix & store in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Certificates of Oat Milk Powder:

ISO / Organic COA / MSDS
Gluten Free / Allergen Free / GMO Free / Non Irradiation
Certificate of origin(Form/CO)
Phytosanitary certificate / Microbial certificate
Food certificate / Heavy metal statement
Residual solvent meet E.P. requirements. / Non-Animal Material

Packing Detail: drum & carton Or pack according to your requirements

Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture

Shelf Life: 2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light


  1. By Express: Suitable for sample order or <50kg, 3-10 days, High shipping cost, Door to door service;
  2. By Air Transportation: Suitable for >50kg, 3-7 days, Lower than express cost, Airport to airport service, Professional broker needed;
  3. By Sea Transportation: Suitable for > 300kg, 7-45 days, Lowest cost, Port to port service, Professional broker needed.


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    No. A6-608 Lugu International Industrial Park, Yuelu District, Changsha 410205, Hunan, P.R China

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