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Agrimonia Extract

English name: Agrimonia Extract
Botanical name: Agrimonia pilosa 
Parts used: Herb
Specification: 10:1
Appearance: Brown yellow powder

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Product Introduction:

Scientific name: Agrimonia pilosa Ldb is a perennial herb belonging to Rosaceae and Dragon bud grass. The tender stems and leaves of this species are edible, are not only rich in nutrition, but also have a strong anti-cancer effect, Agrimonia pilosa is indeed a good product for game. The whole plant Agrimonia pilosa, roots and winter buds of Longyagrass are used as medicine. Nature and flavor: bitter, dry.

Product function and application of Agrimonia Extract:

1. Infectious food poisoning caused by halophilic bacteria

2, treatment of agrimoniaExtract trichomonas vaginitis, tapeworm disease

3. Used for strain relief.

4. For malaria, trichomonas vaginitis.

5. Used for boils, carbuncle, hemorrhoids, detoxification and swelling, and can be taken orally or externally.

6. Treatment of Meniere's syndrome

7. Used agrimonia Extract for hemoptysis, vomiting blood, hemoptysis, hematuria, blood in the stool, and metrorrhagia.

8. Used agrimonia Extract for diarrhea and dysentery.


Organic, ISO, kosher, halal certificated,FDA.



Package & Shipping :

1.Package:25kg/drum. 25kg/bag Aluminum-foil bag

2.By sea to your nearest port
By express (DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT,EMS)to your door





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